The Uberman Sleep Schedule

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The Uberman Sleep Schedule


If you’re feeling that the regular 8-hour sleep is too much for you, and you’d rather have a few more hours of productivity, there’s some good news for you!

There’s a method of sleeping called the Uberman Sleep Schedule, which consists of having to take several naps throughout the day.

Besides having a totally badass name, it’s the way you will be able to get the maximum bang for your buck when it comes to total productivity in one day.

You take a 30-minute nap every 4 hours for a total of 6 naps in a day.

This is the way to get the maximum needed sleep without letting precious hours go to waste where you could be doing something else more productive.


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Of course, a sleep pattern like this will be very difficult to get accustomed to, and may even seem like a complete nightmare for the 7-10 days that you’ll need to spend adjusting.

However, this is a cheap price to pay when you think about the years you’ll get back from life with the use of this sleep pattern.

In practice, you’ll only be spending 3 hours a day sleeping, as opposed to the normal 8 hours.

This works because normally, you only get around 2 hours-worth of REM sleep every day. It normally kicks in after quite a few hours of sleeping, and it’s the kind of sleep that’s essential for mental clarity, and also that feeling of having a “good night’s rest.

” Obviously, as you start with the Uberman Schedule, your brain won’t be allowing REM sleep for a good few hours yet, as per usual.

Thus, you will be incredibly tired for the first few days as you will not be getting any REM sleep. After a period of a week, however, your brain gives in and lets REM sleep kick in immediately as you take your nap. That’s 30 minutes of REM sleep per nap, and in summation, that’s 3 hours of REM a day.

Do the math and you’ll figure that you’re getting more REM than those who sleep normally.

The only hard part is when you realize that the whole world isn’t on your sleep schedule, though. There are times when your 4 hours are up and you aren’t able take a nap.

If you have a family or a job in the office, this might not be for you either.

However, if you are an introvert, someone who has a home job, or an entrepreneur trying to capitalize on the amount of work he gets done per day, this might just be for you. While the world is sleeping, you’re taking life’s lemons and creating lemonade.

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