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Master Review: A very different kind of Brain Enhancer


In our Master Review we find out why Master is the Nootropic of choice for Musicians.

The developers behind Master are a company called Noosician.

This company aims to help musicians of all levels better perform and learn music through the use of Nootropics.

With Master being their most popular product, their sole brain enhancer.

Noosician have made it very clear that Master is for everyone but they do admit to showing more attention to musicians when developing the formula.

Is Master the next big thing?


What is Master?

Master is a Nootropic with a not to familiar story.

Before Master had a name and was available for me and you the CEO of Noosician had developed the formula for himself.

In order to improve his focus, memory and learning capabilities so he could learn his music faster and easier.

Which allowed him to practice less and perform more.

But Master also helped the CEO focus at work, improve memory function and learn a lot easier whilst keeping him at his mental best all day.


What are the benefits of Master?

The ‘supposed benefits’ of Master include:

  1. Increased learning capabilities
  2. Improved memory functions
  3. Enhanced focus
  4. Defends against oxidising stress on the brain


Increased learning capabilities will make learning and retaining information easier so ultimately you can spend far less time learning.

This can make learning for example a second language, a business presentation and piece of music less of a chore.

Improved memory function will help you have a more effective memory and allow you to remember information better.

So, when you put in the time to learn something you will remember what you have learnt after.

Enhanced focus can make learning easier and also keep you engage and effective at work.

Which means you can work faster and can avoid brining work home to finish.

Defending your brain against oxidising stress is the first proactive step you can take against age related diseases like dementia.


What are Master’s ingredients? Over 40 Ingredients!


Master supplement facts



Previously the scientific consensus was that we consumed enough choline through our diets.

However recent studies show a choline deficiency in most people leading to the verdict that without consuming eggs or supplementing you do not consume enough choline.

So more so now you should be looking for the presence of choline in your supplements.

As choline is an important nutrient that not only contributes to good health but also plays a key role in the production and release of acetylcholine (our neurotransmitters).

Choline increases the speed and release of acetylcholine.

Meaning Choline has a massive role in the effectiveness on memory function and learning.

Because of this Choline is used to help treat various memory loss diseases including Alzheimer’s.

Choline in Nootropics such as Master can greatly improve your memories effectiveness and also learning capabilities.

Which can give you a clearer better memory and make learning easier and enjoyable.


Students learning in a library



N ACETYL L-TYROSINE is believed to boost memory function and increase focus.

Its been shown in numerous studies that individuals with higher levels of NALT have a better working memory even when performing mentally demanding tasks.

Like learning or working in a stressful job.


Business presentation


Increased levels of NALT can making learning that much easier for you and take the stress out of work.

As NALT is responsible for our feel-good hormone dopamine.


Huperzine A

Huperzine A most impressively allows the brain to function at a heightened state mentally for periods of time.

With increased mental functions tasks like learning and working will become easier for you.

Huperzine also helps maintain memory function by stopping the breakdown of acetylcholine.

And therefore, is used to combat diseases like dementia.


Huperzine A


Instructions for Master

1038mg per day.

3 vegetarian capsules per day.

Take 1 capsule before the 3 meals of the day.

No breaks required however breaks from Master will not pose any problems.


My experience with Master

Master really caught my attention as there are very few companies developing Nootropics for musicians.

As Nootropics for musicians is a really unexplored market as companies aren’t willing to go into a market that hasn’t been established.

Since there’s no clear demand to fill.

Musicians aren’t asking for Nootropics.

But Noosician have entered this market regardless along with a few other ‘pioneers’.

In the hopes of helping musicians realise they too can benefit from Nootropics.

Master deserved a fair try!

I was most definitely concerned about Masters high dosage however I knew if I had any issues (which I didn’t), I could reduce my daily intake to only 2 capsules.

So, on day one the effects started quickly even before I got to work the capsule I had taken before breakfast was working.

I felt focused and ready for the day instead of how I normally feel which is lethargic and tired.

This meant my morning was more productive.

The effects wore off half an hour before I wanted to take my second capsule (at lunch).

But I was impressed by the longevity of just 1 capsule.I regained my focus and heightened mental state mid-day after the second capsule.

This meant work was easy and therefore enjoyable.

I wasn’t just getting through my day I was being productive and effective.

When I got home, I continued to feel focused so I decided to continue practicing a song I had been learning.

I’d be lying if I said learning was now effortless but I did remember the lyrics the following day.

My week continued as it started, positively.

Each day I felt more focused and learning was easier I even gave a good presentation at work, that week, which I thank Master for.

And with each and every day I noticed memory improvement when learning a song, the next day I knew the lyrics I had learn prior.

Master made my normally stressful week surprisingly enjoyable I started to love my job again!

Because it was no longer so difficult and stressful.

With increased focus, memory and learning I was effective, productive and unstoppable that week.

Well that’s what I thought!

That unstoppable feeling continued the entire month.

If you’re a musician and you want help Master is for you.

And if your looking something to keep you focused at work Master is also for you.


Masters possible side effects: I did not experience any side effects during my Master Review

Potential side effects from the high dosage could include sickness, stomach aches, headaches and dizziness.

However, by reducing daily intake you should be able to avoid any of these possible side effects.


Where to buy Master?

You can only find Master at

Master is not sold on sites such as amazon.

I chose to buy the 30-day pack but I wish I bought the year pack its really that good.

30-day pack costs $49.

3-month pack $99.

Year pack $149.


My final thoughts of Master from My Master Review

Our Master Review final though: Master is an excellent example of what a true Brain Enhancing Nootropic should be.