Smart Pill


Full Ingredient List:

Ginko Biloba leaf extract 10:1 250mg
Gotu Kola 250mg
Ginseng 100mg
Capsicum 50mg
L-Phenilalanine 200mg
L-Glutamine 500mg
L-Tyrosene 200mg
GABA 300mg
B1 50mg/3,333
B3 50mg/250
B5 100mg/1,000
B6 50mcg/2,500
B12 500mcg/8,330
Folic Acid 200mcg/50
Inositol 100mg
Phosphatiddylcholine as Lecithin 500mg
RNA 100mg
TMG 50mg

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $32.99 (60 Tabs)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 2 per day
Number of Servings: 30
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Smart Pill Review:

Pretty damn good. Truly a Smart Pill.With a name that appears to take a large leap, bold with calling it the Smart Pill, one expects this pill to deliver. Does it, though? Smart Pill comes from supplement maker, Only Natural, another bold name. Only Natural, as the name implies, states somewhere in their mission statement with great confidence that their pills come from only natural, good quality products. And this is where Smart Pill differentiates itself from its competitors – they actually do create their supplements with the highest quality extracts and vitamins. The contents in their pills include a “potent and standardized” Ginkgo Biloba and certain other multivitamins. Ginkgo, a herb taken from the maidenhair tree, popular for its antioxidant and detoxifying effects, also enhances cerebral blood flow, ultimately giving better cognitive function. It’s also included at a ratio of 10:1 – a potent mix. Popular ingredients like folic acid, inositol, and GABA are also included in Smart Pill, allowing for, as their brand implies, a natural, yet high-quality pill.

Another ingredient that we’ve found in Smart Pill is Ginseng. Interesting choice, Only Natural. For those unaware, Ginseng increases the general stamina of people, also giving an added boost in physical and mental performance. This finding is consistent with our reports, since so many of you keep sending us those reviews stating how well they’re able to give that extra 10% with so many things in their daily lives, even outside of work – at gym, doing chores, and even in the bedroom.

We’d also like to bring to light the number of B-vitamins listed in the back of their bottle – B1, 3, 5, 6, and 12. If you’re going to ask if the amount of multitvitamins included in Smart Pill takes away from the added cognitive function Smart Pill supposedly provides, then the simple answer is no. Why wouldn’t you want all the added benefits, though? Vitamin B5 alone makes the body supply energy more efficiently, burns fats and utilizes proteins better, and even aids in healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. All these added functions give Smart Pill an added edge over their competitors. And even though Smart Pill is able to include this many vitamins, the potency of smart pill is still remarkable – especially in the industry where most competitors will include up to 60 useless ingredients, gradually reducing the potency of each ingredient.

2 pills a day is also a great plus side to this pill as several competitors have been known to have their pills’ suggested serving at 6 or even 8 times a day. Imagine the damage of $180 a month compared to this $66 solution. It’s not just the money involved, since that might not be an issue for a lot of people, but for example, an ADD sufferer who has a hard time keeping a schedule and doing routine things might be grateful for only having to pop a pill twice a day. We know a lot of you will be quite satisfied with that sort of arrangement as well.

The Results:

From the vast number of people who wrote to us regarding their liking to Smart Pill, we’ve heard generally positive reviews. Even the guys here at the office have been taking a liking to this pill. One of us here has been taking this for over 5 months and has been performing extremely well on his monthly quota. That being said, like all Nootropics, Smart Pill is not a “Limitless Pill.” Steve, our resident IT guy probably still had a good amount of focus and motivation to achieve that feat. Maybe he’s just fishing for a promotion. However, for those of you looking for a pretty good brain pill, this might be for you, and its extensive coverage of ingredients may be something that will catch your eye.

We’ve heard reports from you guys on how well this drug has helped in just over a month of usage. That’s just short term. Imagine long term uses of 3 or more months, though. As with nearly all supplements, the added benefits increase with time.


Overall, we found Smart Pill being able to live up to its name. If you wanted a brain pill that can provide you with high quality ingredients, in addition to being Only Natural, this is the supplement for you. If you’ve already got your B-Vitamins covered, though, and are already taking some other multivitamins, maybe you should look elsewhere if you don’t want to double up on them. At the price of $66 a month, it’s a steal with only slightly sacrificing a little of the good stuff. Nevertheless, we’re giving Smart Pill the recommendation it deserves as the jack of all trades – and an excellent one at that! It’s worthy of at least a 3-star recommendation and not a star less than that.

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