Nootropil Review


 Monthly Cost: (Depends on source)

Dosage: 2 per day

# of Servings 30

Grade 4/5

Nootropil Review: A 50-Year Old Formula that Still Manages to Keep Relevant Today

There are three types of brain enhancement supplement users: the ones who use Adderall, the ones who use the more modern brain enhancers such as Alpha Brain and Nitrovit, and there are those who use racetam nootropics. Nootropil is of the latter category. Unlike most of the more modern and more well-known brain enhancers, Nootropil has only been followed by a select few who have been actively on it for the last few years.

Nootropil has grown in popularity since its beginning, and although it isn’t as popular now as it was 20 years ago, there are still a lot who claim that say that it’s really good.

Unlike more popular solutions that have grown to popularity lately, Nootropil has been here for a while – 5 decades now – and have grown a very select following. However, those who have been dedicated and loyal to Nootropil will probably continue to do so for a long while.

Nootropil really only has one ingredient, and that’s piracetam. Piracetam used to be taken to treat ADD/ADHD symptoms, and in fact, that was Nootropil’s original use. However, from then, it was experimented upon and discovered that Nootropil also offers many benefits to some even those who are free of attention deficit disorders. This was made more evident with cases and studies that backed up Nootropil’s effective use in brain enhancement over the past 30 years.

The fact that Nootropil’s only ingredient – piracetam – is included in such high quantities, to the point that it takes 100% of the pill means that it’s a pretty hefty dose. Piracetam has shown to increase focus, while improving memory in most people who don’t suffer from ADD.

However, as a brain enhancer, it seems as if Nootropil really isn’t enough on its own. What we mean is, if you actually search for Nootropil online, most people are stacking Nootropil with several other brain supplements as well like Aniracetam, ALCAR, and a few others to promote the best results.

This means that Nootropil really isn’t complete, or all-encompassing when it comes to cognitive enhancement. Then again, you can’t really expect one single ingredient to do EVERYTHING for your brain. That would be unreasonable. However, piracetam should be good at what it does, and with enough supplementation of other ingredients, you’ll be able to achieve your desired outcome. Do note that it might be a pretty expensive path towards that outcome, with the necessity to add supplements.

You can get Nootropil in most pharmacies, or at least, piracetam. A month’s supply, provided that you take one to two per day can cost you anywhere between $20 and $40. It’s isn’t that expensive when compared to other brain enhancers. However, when you decide to stack it with other supplements, it might just burn a hole in your wallet.

The Results:

What was very noticeable when we tested Nootropil was that the effects were very subtle. Unlike some of the other alternatives like Alpha Brain, NITROvit, Adderall, etc., Nootropil actually took effect quite gradually, and it was a few days before you could really notice it. Within a few days, we were able to achieve a small boost to focus. It was sort of like being able to keep your head down and continuously do work for hours on end. Brain fog was reduced and you could think more clearly. And even then, it was still quite subtle. You’d need to be actively looking for the effect to notice it.

Interestingly, you probably won’t feel the effects unless you’re doing something that’s actively engaging your mind.

Another thing to note was that colors were more intense with Nootropil, which was pretty neat.

The only side effect with Nootropil were headaches, which of course were easily remedied by the use of paracetamol or an Aspirin. Also, when you overdose on Nootropil, it actually causes some brain fog. However, it wasn’t so difficult to get the dosages right once you take too much.


Despite what most people believe, Nootropil is really starting to show its age. Simply from the fact that most people will tell you that Nootropil works best when stacked with other brain enhancing supplements as well. Nootropil on itself does do quite a lot of things for your brain. However, it just seems that those things can also be achieved through other supplements as well, along with a few more other benefits. Although there aren’t many side effects from Nootropil, there are definitely more modern brain enhancers out there that perform better. The price of Nootropil varies depending on how much you take per day. However, a good point of estimate would be $40 a month, which by itself is a pretty good number. However, if you factor in the fact that you might have to supplement that with others as well, it might be more like $100 a month. For better effects, and for better overall brain enhancement results, you might want to try other supplements.

Full Ingredients List:

Piracetam 800mg

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