Comparison Table


Rounding up the best and the worst of 2013 was always going to be a long – drawn out process. Largely because of the large number of pills, potions and capsules the office had to ingest in the name of science! Thankfully we had you on hand along with a certain search engine and it’s ‘spiders’ to help us rate and review the ever increasing number of ADD solutions, Cognitive Acuity and Memory Enhancers and mind altering Nootropics. Did we reach our goal and find a pill that could provide us with that ‘limitless’ experience or were we left out of pocket, down on our luck and playing those old ‘Placebo Blues’? Read the reviews by clicking above for an in depth analysis or for a quick round up of 2013’s ADD solution heavyweights our Comparison Table should point you in the right direction.

Can I submit a review?

Not everyone is cut out to be an expert reviewer. Writing skills and being able to carefully articulate and communicate your experiences using a Cognitive Enhancement pill are vital. If you are interested in having your say, simply write a review on any ADD/Brain/’Smart’ pills you have used.  Make sure these are the best possible reviews you can write.  Quality reviews really do help the reader.
We reserved the right to edit and change your review/s, or simply take quotations from it. Whilst we rarely do this, we sometimes have to ensure your claims from your experiences are not slanderous and we aim to protect all manufacturers from their competitors taking ‘cheap shots’ by writing negative reviews with bias opinions. We do read every one of your reviews and try to use as many as possible.