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Full Ingredients List:

Vitamin B1 2mg
Vitamin B5 12mg
Vitamin B6 5mg
Vitamin B12 150mg
Folic Acid 200mg
Zinc 5mg
Magnesium 50mg
MN Prime Formulation 585mg

Includes: tri-methylglycine, n acetyl l-cysteine, ubiquinone, r-alpha-lipoic-acid

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $42 (60 Capsules)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 2 per day
Number of Servings: 30
Buy Online:


Neuroprime Review:

Neuroprime is one of the many products on Mind Nutrition’s line of supplements, and for them, it’s their solution to the large nootropic industry that they’ve only recently tackled. Mind Nutrition has a vast amount of products on their website, and Neuroprime, although only one of them, is the one that’s been highly pushed towards consumers.

There are some incredibly nice things to be learnt from Neuroprime, one of them being how Neuroprime’s website looks like. It seems to us here at, that Neuroprime is pushing the cleanest, most detailed, yet simplistic website out there. Additionally, they’re very transparent in the information they put out there, and their claims are bold, yet completely realistic. They’ve cited their sources and their branding is spectacular. They’ve listed all their information pertaining their products on their website, and even their ingredients list is readily available for view. In this respect, we believe that other nootropic companies out there should take a page out of Mind Nutrition’s book, because in this aspect, they’re absolutely perfect.

Speaking of their ingredients, Neuroprime does contain multivitamins. However, it seems as if this was Mind Nutrition’s objective, and in this, they’ve included a number of B-Vitamins and nutrients into Neuroprime’s formula. At, we value transparency, and the fact that they emphasize the inclusion of multivitamins and nutrients in their product, instead of sneakily including it as filler like most other companies gives them a point in our book.

However, that aside, they’re formula also contains tri-methylglycine, n-acetyl l-cysteine, ubiquinone, r-alpha-lipoic-acid under their MN Prime Formulation. The specific milligrams for each of these ingredients have not been disclosed, though. Usually, there are either one of two reasons why a company keeps its prime formula a secret. Either they’re formula is so good that they don’t want the competition stealing it, or that their ingredients are of low grade. Most of the time, it’s the latter reason. However, in the case of Neuroprime, we honestly believe that it’s the former one.

We’ve heard so many good things about them, and we don’t expect any less. The fact is that Mind Nutrition, unlike many other companies, are not simply a bunch of marketers. They’re run by good people, and they put an emphasis in care and quality.

The price of is at $50 for a month’s supply, and it’s a good price for the value of its ingredients in terms of the great care and high quality that’s been put into them. It isn’t too cheap, but it isn’t too expensive either.

The Results:

Our tests showed that Neuroprime was hard hitting, and it hit us fast. We were able to feel great effects in focus and clarity, just 20 minutes after taking it. Most of us were able to power through work at an incredible rate of productivity. What followed soon after was a greater capacity for learning, because at the end of the week, a lot of us could remember things that have been learned at day one.

They also showed green check marks across the board, with the highest one going to our study aid test.

Additionally, many of us also had vivid dreams, and generally felt better. This might be due to the multivitamins included in Neuroprime.

Our readers gave us similar reports, with some of them claiming a decrease in blood pressure. Some of them praised it about how much it could do, however, some of them didn’t like it as much as Smart Pill or NITROvit, simply due to the fact that it suffered reduced nootropic potency due to the inclusion of other ingredients.

That is true, though. Although we loved Neuroprime, the fact that it had some filler ingredients took away from the potency of the nootropic benefits. Therefore, if you want a nootropic with multivitamins, possibly becoming the only pill you ever need to take, this might just be for you. However, here at, we want the absolute best nootropic, and sadly, that isn’t Neuroprime.


Neuroprime passes all our tests with excellent colors, however, the one that was most notable was it being a great asset for use as a study aid. We’re not saying it’s not good. It really is one heck of a pill. It tops many others. However, that still doesn’t discount the fact that it has some ingredients that we here at call “filler” ingredients. The price for a month’s supply is $50, and for a nootropic, as well as doubling as a multivitamin, that isn’t a bad price at all. However, here at, we want the absolute best. Although Neuroprime comes really close, its decreased nootropic potency puts it out of the competition in that respect, giving way to better nootropics who deserve that title – namely, NITROvit.

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