The Makings of Smart People

What Makes Smart People Smart

Have you ever wondered what makes a smart person smart? For centuries, humans have contemplated this and have tried to isolate why some people are smarter than others. There is a difference between being smart and being hard-working, although the results can be the same. However, there are certain areas of study that can only be achieved by smart people. For instance, complex mathematics problem sets cannot be accomplished by people with low IQ’s. No matter how hard someone works, he cannot correctly answer these difficult problems. Accordingly, understanding where intelligence comes from should help us encourage its growth.

Where Does Intelligence Come From?

After countless studies on the topic, scientific opinion on this matter is that up to 80% of someone’s intelligence can be attributed to inherited intelligence from one’s parents. This means that you can do little to control how smart you are… or can you? It turns out that the thing that brings about intelligence is a lack of genetic mutations at the 10,000 or so intelligence sites on DNA. The most recent research shows that the more genetic mutations there are, the less intelligent a person is. Thus, decreasing these intelligence-draining mutations is likely to increase an individual’s smarts.

Shopping for a Brain

While buying a new brain may seem hard to believe, parents are already able to detect certain genetic characteristics of their future children. By doing a DNA test, the likelihood that a child will be tall or be susceptible to certain diseases can be known. In the modern world of medicine, specifically in-vitro fertilization, parents could be given a choice of which of several embryos they wanted to become their child. Much of this would depend on the potential intelligence of each of the embryos. The most intelligent embryo could be chosen, and if this is repeated by enough people, it could result in an increase in general intelligence of humans. It would take only a few generations to accomplish this, as children’s intelligence usually falls within 13 IQ points of their parents. However, in some cases, this may be doubled to 26.

While this sort of intelligent choice is not yet available to people, the rate at which bioengineering is progressing means that within a few decades, parents may be able to choose how intelligent their children are. There may also be certain supplements developed that could decrease the number of negative DNA mutations, leading to increased intelligence.

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