Gabatrol Review

Gabatrol Anyone?


We are always interested in new products that have an awkward name to it.

Really, what’s in a name? An excellent product doesn’t always need to have a catchy name, but preferably it would be nice if it did.

The main thing about any nootropic is finding the right balance between price, user experience, and customer service.

With an ocean of products available in the nootropic industry, we bide our time patiently in search of fine nootropic stacks that are worthy of a mention.


What is Gabatrol?


Lately, we stumbled upon Gabatrol. Sounds like a Transformer robot’s name. We hope this product can turn us like the famed Optimus Prime.

Our first move was to head over Gabatrol’s website.

The main page looked very crowded as information was packed in all corners. On the top, they had the headline “”Feel your stress, anxiety, and negative emotions melt in under 30 minutes…GUARANTEED!”.

That’s a very confident line to begin with. In addition, they also make claims such as “Most users report feeling the effects in as little as 20-30 minutes”, “Gabatrol is a 100% all natural product”, and “Gabatrol Natural Stress Relief has been called Natural Xanax by many people”.

Scrolling down their main page, about half of the content of the main page is filled with user testimonials. It seems like Gabatrol is trying very hard to convince its customers.

Scrolling further down the main page, we get even bolder claims about their product such as “Anxiety & Natural Stress Relief within Minutes!”, “Uplifts Your Mood Making You Feel Positive!”, “Alleviates Mild Depression and Mood Swings”, and “Helps You Gain Better Clarity and Focus”.

The company promises a 60 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product. This company also states that Gabratol is 100% safe, has no side effects, and is non-addictive. Interesting so far we thought. Now we wanted to know what this supplement contains.


What are Gabatrols Ingredients?


On the website, the company states that their product is produced in a GMP certified laboratory as the stamp can be seen on the right pane of the main page.

They say that all of their ingredients are clinically proven which stimulate calmness, a state of well-being, and the ability to increase our focus and awareness. Their core active ingredients are familiar in many nootropics and energy drinks and are regarded as generally safe by FDA standards.


Their ingredients are of a unique proprietary matrix of 455 mg and consist primarily of:

• Phenyl-GABA (4-Amino-3-Phenyl-Butyrate or 4A3P), an upgraded version of GABA, with properties to enhance the mind and improve neurological functions
• L-Theanine (Theanine), extracted from tea leaves, enables one to reduce stress and anxiety hence improving overall mood
• L-Tyrosine (4-hydroxyphenylalanine), similar to dopamine, improves mood and reduces stress levels
• L-Glycine (AminoAcetic Acid or 2AAA), naturally produced by the human body, acts as mainly as an anti-oxidant
• Taurine (Aminoethanesulfonic Acid or Taurine), similar to Glycine, helps to optimize brain function and detoxification
• Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna), a rare herb found in Africa, acts as a mood altering substance and acts as an anti-depressant
• Bioperine, extracted from the piper nigrum plant (black pepper fruit), used as a chemical enhancer by increasing the bioavailability of various compounds in Gabatrol

Their choice of ingredients is fine and nice, we thought to a certain extent. However, we were dissatisfied by the fact that this company is hiding behind a proprietary blend of ingredients.

All we know is that all of the main ingredients (455 mg of it) mentioned above is squeezed in combination into a capsule. We find this to be unfair to the general public.

If Gabatrol is to take this business openly, then we expect them to be open and straightforward. Anybody can get their hands on the recipe for Coca-Cola or even KFC for that matter.

Why this is an issue is that as users of nootropics, we want some form of assurance from the actual ingredient count themselves. We don’t want to take any chances and consume any excessive amount of one type of ingredient.

Lastly, we find the active ingredients useless as the composition of Gabatrol is more of a calming agent with slight energy boosting properties.

Their claim of a “natural Xanax” is correct after all. We want nootropics, not sedation supplements.

Anybody can think clearly under calm situations, but we want to expand that ability and boost its effect under normal circumstances.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend this product for either new comers or even experienced users of nootropics. We say that you look elsewhere and the saying is true afterall, “what’s in a name?”; apparently many things.

Our Score: 81%

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