The “Fountain of Youth” in the Brain

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The “Fountain of Youth” in the Brain


Eternal youth – it’s one of the most talked about and most sought after feat for a long, long time.

There have been books about it, movies concerning it, and has even spurred up scientific research to look for the pill or remedy that might just reverse the effects of aging.

People dream of eternally radiant skin, and a body that won’t tire out after decades of living.

Staying young – everyone wants it.

However, the thing is, such types of remedies do exist today – just not how you think they do.

There are certain pharmaceutical creams, injections, and pills that you can take to keep you young. What keeps us youthful, though?

It’s really our mental and physical health, and not just the way we look.


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This is what we really should be focused on. Whilst most people think about the physical appearances part of staying forever young, there is an underlying cause that might just change the way to think.

A few scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, suggest different: the brain is the secret to the fountain of youth. “Once we are able to determine the single unifying anatomical premise for aging issues, we shall find the fountain of youth – which research shows might be in the brain,” says Dr. Dongsheng Cai, lead researcher and molecular pharmacologist at the college.

Dr. Dongsheng Cai and his team were stoked to find that it was the hypothalamus, involved in growth, reproduction, and the facilitation of the immune system, that might just be the Pandora’s box to this dilemma.

What was found in their experiments with mice was that when a certain pathway in the hypothalamus, called the NF-B pathway, was activated, aging was accelerated.

However, in similar fashion, when the NF-B pathway was blocked or inhibited, all aging factors were eliminated and the mice treated this way experienced a 20% longer lifespan than a control group.

How was this achieved, and how can this be replicated?

Well, in mice, this feat was supported by the se of GnRH, or gonadotropin-releasing hormone. As the levels of GnRH increases in the brain, the NF-B pathways were blocked, and this also worked vice-versa.

The study has gained critical acclamation from the scientific community, notably from neuroscientists, and has been said to prove very potentially game-changing in the industry where everyone wants to stay young.

Perhaps a patent is in order, and a new pill featuring GnRH will be a thing not too long from now.

However, that time might still be a few years from where we are today. For the moment, our best bet with age-related brain disorders would be to stick with a nootropic. That’ll do the trick.

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