Focus Boost


Full Ingredients List:

Vitamin B6 5mg
Vitamin B12 6mcg
Vitamin B5 2mg
Focus Boost Proprietary Blend 251.7mg

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $89.89 (90 Capsules)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 3
Number of Servings: 30
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Focus Boost Review: A Careless Mistake – No, Make that Two Careless Mistakes.

One of the products we’ve been asked to review is Focus Boost. We’ve been receiving emails about them for a while now, and while we haven’t been able to get our hands on Focus Boost for a long time, we’ve finally had the chance to get a hold of them and review them.

What we noticed, just from the website, even before ordering our package of Focus Boost, was disturbing, to say the least. Even before reviewing the product, we’ve been trying to look for the ingredients in its formula in form of a supplement of nutrition facts sheet.

However, our attempts at doing so have been futile. However, we did find a peculiarity in their website, in that it contains information similar to that of Doxiderol’s website. We saw pictures that were the same, refund policies that were worded exactly the same (word for word), and in fact, if you check their websites out, you will notice that the information on there is almost identical.

We weren’t sure if it was Focus Boost that ripped off of Doxiderol, or Doxiderol that ripped off of Focus Boost. However, what one of our team members suggested (which made perfect sense) was that Focus Boost and Doxiderol are one of the same company. What probably happened was one of these was released, a minor tweak made, and rebranded as a completely different product.

This isn’t in itself a bad thing, but why were they trying so hard to keep it a secret? More interestingly, why were they so sloppy at it too? This shows the amount of care and attention to detail that both these companies lack.

Although we weren’t able to find an ingredients list for Focus Boost, we were able to pull off one for Doxiderol, one that we believe is almost identical to that of Focus Boost. When our supply of Focus Boost came in the mail a while later, as expected, the ingredients were almost exactly similar.

Despite this, we still wanted to give Focus Boost a chance, since the fault of their marketing department shouldn’t really reflect the company. However, immediately after noticing the words written “proprietary blend,” Focus Boost was at an all-time low.

Normally, when ingredients are hidden in a term called “Proprietary Blend,” – something that’s been increasing in usage in the nootropics industry lately – it means one of two things: either the product’s formula is so good that they don’t want their competitors knowing, or the second reason being that the ingredients they used in their pill is of very low quality.

With the information about the sloppiness of Focus Boost in relation to Doxiderol, we feel it must be the second one. An additional third reason might be so that consumers, like you, won’t be able to see that both products’ formulas are almost identical.

The standard retail price for Focus Boost is $56 for a bottle of 30 capsules, however, if you order from Amazon, you can get it at $35. However, the daily dosage is also 3 capsules a day, so we can see that this price is pretty expensive at $168 a month. They do sell a 90-capsule bottle which will last the whole month at $90, but the price is still pretty high in comparison to other nootropic options.

There are red flags all over the place on Focus Boost.

The Results:

With great reluctance, we still decided to try out Focus Boost. Surprisingly, we didn’t feel all too bad. However, the effects were not as great as we expected – and we had pretty low expectations at it was. In fact, it seemed like we had to take 3 pills in a day just to get the same effects of 1 pill from other nootropics.

At the end of our testing period, we found out that we didn’t really feel much different after have taken Focus Boost than before we had taken it, which overall meant that Focus Boost did not seem to have any effects that were long-term.

What we did feel, though, was that after discontinuing the use of Focus Boost, we experienced withdrawal symptoms due to the caffeine inside Focus Boost. It was awful.


We don’t encounter something like this every day, when a nootropic generally gets red flags in almost every department. Just from the fact that it seems like a bunch of marketers are running Focus Boost and Doxiderol should already dissuade you from buying their product. If that doesn’t, consider the fact that the quality of their ingredients are nowhere as good as the others that are offered in the market today. If that still doesn’t prevent you from buying Focus Boost, maybe the price will. However, we seriously discourage anyone from buying Focus Boost, or its carbon copy, Doxiderol. Don’t do that to your body.

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