Fight Off Brain Diseases By Using Your Brain!

Fight Off Brain Diseases By Using Your Brain

Most middle-aged folks have this irrational fear of Alzheimer’s. They often feel that as they start to age, their memory starts degrading, to the point where finding where you left your phone or wallet before you leave your house becomes a tedious chore. It’s true, though. As we age, things start to become a little fuzzy, and remembering things become slower. However, it doesn’t have to be.

There have been many studies where constantly engaging your brain will actually reverse the process of brain degradation associated with aging. Often, the reason why many older people start to become slow is because they stop engaging their brains, and this is often the case with retirees. But then, those who keep their brains constantly engaged, even into late adulthood will benefit from a brain that won’t slow down as much.

In a study reported by the Alzheimer’s Association in the US, more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and in their study, those who went to college, worked in complex fields, and stayed mentally engaged even after retirement were able to hold off the disease up to a decade after those who were not.

While this might mean that if a lifelong lifestyle of mental engagement is required, it is not quite the case. For most people, it really isn’t too late to start turning your life around. It doesn’t even need to be mentally-strenuous tasks. Activities that involve the brain like playing a musical instrument or even just reading a book every now and then will reduce greatly reduce the risk of developing the disease.

And while there are at the moment, no cures or complete remedies against Alzheimer’s, and a number of other brain-related diseases, it is certain that by following a lifestyle that keeps you mentally engaged can at the very least, slow it down. Don’t take it from me – it’s science.

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