Full Ingredients List:

-Vitamin B12 1250mcg
-Niacinamaide 5mcg
-Proprietary Blend 325mg:
Guarana Extract, Kola Nut Extract, DMAE, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Bacopa Monnieri Extract,     Peppermint Oil, Tulsi Extract, Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Rhodiola Extract,    Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, White Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract, Alpha GPC, Citicoline,      Huperzine Extract, Vinpocetine

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $ 89.20 (60 Capsules)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 2
Number of Servings: 30
Buy Online: https://www.excelerol.com/


Excelerol Review: Synonymous of Deceit

One of the more popular names in the brain enhancing industry is Excelerol – the way they’ve incorporated such a unique formula, one that might encompass every other ingredient used in the history of nootropics is astounding. If you’ve watched the Limitless movie with Bradley Cooper, you might have heard of Excelerol already, and in that case, you’ll know quite a bit of information after reading this review.

Accelerated Intelligence grew to fame a few years ago with the release of the movie Limitless. It seems that they’ve used the release of the movie to their advantage, as if you look through their website, you’ll find quite a few clues and Easter eggs from the movie. One of being that the actor in the YouTube video that automatically loads upon landing on Excelerol’s site, who shows a remarkable resemblance to Bradley Cooper in the movie – his suit, the way he talks, his gestures, and even the most popularly quoted “what if you can use 100% of your brain?”

Let’s not get distracted, though. Any more of similar type of information can be learnt with the discretion of your own research and attention to detail.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we found the decision to include so many ingredients in a formula a perplexing one. If you examine the number of ingredients in Excelerol’s formula, you’ll notice that there are A LOT. It seems they’ve taken due diligence to include all the ingredients in the nootropics book, not wanting to miss any one that might potentially prove positive to the brain. However, this decision, in our eyes, seem questionable. Sure they might have not missed any ingredient, but they missed the bigger point:

In pharmaceuticals, more is not always better.

The decision to have this many ingredients means only one thing: less effectiveness per ingredient in their capsule.

However, we can’t say that Excelerol is all-bad. Some of its ingredients are actually quite high in quality, like some of those seen in some of the more popular brain enhancers available out there. These ingredients, namely, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), Ginkgo Biloba, and Alpha GPC are all found in some of the top nootropics like Alpha Brain and are also featured in some of the more effective nootropics we’ve reviewed before like NITROvit and Biohack.

The problem here again, is the fact that these ingredients are listed in a way that doesn’t allow us to know how much of each individual ingredient there is in Excelerol. With their use of a “proprietary blend”, we can’t say exactly if the amounts of each ingredient is significant enough to make a difference.

The pricing of Excelerol is quite weird. A 30-count bottle costs $49.90, and a 90-count bottle, $99.90. However, with a monthly subscription, you can get the 90-count bottle at only $39.90 a month, which admittedly, was a very competitive price – a lot better than some of the pricing for other nootropics out there.

Concerning Excelerol, it really is a toss-up.

The Results:

We were actually quite surprised on the immediate effects we were able to feel from Excelerol. It really did surprise us and exceeded our expectations. Right off the bat, we were able to experience greater clarity, as well as higher focus and more energy – the latter of which was probably due to their inclusion of caffeine (guarana) in their formula. While we did enjoy the extra boost of energy and productivity due to this, we believe that it might not have been such a wise decision due to the substantial percentage of people in the US who are caffeine intolerant. They might not enjoy it as much.

Everything was great so far regarding Excelerol up until around the first month. From then, some of us started experiencing some side effects such as jitters, hypertension – one of us actually collapsed and fainted mid-afternoon around the 5th week of taking Excelerol. From then, we cut everyone off from Excelerol, and had to prematurely end our testing period.

In our 5 and a half weeks of testing Excelerol, though, we were unable to see any long-term benefits. However, concerning their ingredients, there probably are in terms of memory and learning capability, but we simply weren’t able to test it that long in fear of further worse side effects.


Accelerated Intelligence really seems like a company that’s sole purpose is to take your money. From its deceitful strategies to the fact that it hides a majority of its ingredients from view – there are simply too many red flags to be ignored. The effects were good, at least for a while. However, with continued use, it seemed like Excelerol brings a lot of risks to your health. We can’t comment on Excelerol’s long term results, however, the ingredients suggest that it will bring greater learning and memory capabilities. Then again, we can’t be 100% certain again, due to the way they put their ingredients on their label. For the price of $39.90 per month on a subscription, it really is cheap – but then again, that might reflect just how little work went into Excelerol. Look elsewhere.


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