Editors’ Choice Awards

Best Natural ADD Supplement Awards

  • Nitrovit Wins Overall Editors Choice Award
  • Ginkgo Smart Takes “Runner Up” Category
  • Ciltep Awarded “Highly Recommended” By Panellists

It’s that time of year again, and a winning night for Project Noo You and their Nitrovit “Advanced Cognitive Nootropic”. This was their second time around at the coveted hot spot for best overall ADD Pill Solution, but close on their tail was Irwin Naturals Ginkgo Smart.

Panelist Nathan Filaney of South Carolina cited both companies’ ideologies around formulating excellent foundation stacks for anyone suffering focus, attention, and low mood issues as being the reasons for the two offerings to stand out among the many hundreds of new ADD solutions now available OTC.

Now in its second year, the competition summarizes the best of the year and celebrates promising new and established products aimed at offering alternatives to prescription medications offered for people living with the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.Add Pill reviews

What were the panelists looking for?

For the past 6 weeks our editorial team, headed by the “Big Chief” himself – our very own Editor Gregg First – set about revisiting their own personal favorite ADD solutions and nootropics that have hit the market last year, before shortlisting and narrowing down the list of competitors to a select few that were deemed exceptional enough to make the final round.

“With over 3,000 cognitive enhancing supplements out there on the web, we whittled the best down to just 7… But which one took home our prestigious Editors’ Choice Award?”
The supplements were judged and rated on a variety of categories, including the quality of ingredients used, short and long-term effectiveness, side effects (or the lack thereof), feedback from the community, and value.
Recapping the year to date, not many of the new ADD solutions and Adderall Alternatives available for sale on the internet followed the tradition of using ‘clinical branding’ as they have done in the past.
Just take a look at our three winners and you can see that Pharmaceutical companies are opting for ‘edgier’ branding this year – most likely to pull in a wider audience as the media spent a lot of column space this year educating their readers about the benefits of taking a ‘brain pill’ – whether a sufferer of Attention Deficit Disorder or not.

Yet there is some exciting news: despite looking more like ‘body building supplements’ than traditional ADD solutions, this brave move into the mainstream market suggests that the Pharmaceutical companies are paying attention themselves to the ADD issue and that can only mean more investment is being put into the industry and that the coming solutions may be even better.

Exciting news when you consider last year, we were already presented with some seriously good cognitive enhancers aimed towards improving memory loss, slowing the aging process, aiding concentration, improving focus, increasing brain speed and cognitive acuity amongst other objectives.

So who hit the mark and who missed? Were we presented with the very highest quality ingredients available – as many of the prices would suggest, or were we baffled with science and sold mediocre products full of filler?

Your reviews helped create the short list nominations and with those on hand, the staff at ADD Pill Reviews set about to find the very best Adderall alternative the market currently has to offer, along with identifying which of last years’ manufacturers are probably best left forgotten.

Without Further Ado…


A bottle of ADD supplement Nitrovit


Revisited Score: 95%
The Verdict: We thought the best couldn’t get any better, but it seems like it just did. Nitrovit, winner of the last year’s Editors’ Choice Award, has astounded us all once again here at ADD Pill Reviews. We think the team at Project Noo You are completely spot on and have got it right with NITROvit.

Earlier this year, Project Noo You came out and just blew the lid off the whole market. As Marks stated to the press, “We’ve identified that the problem our market faces isn’t actually that they want to become smarter at all – our clients are already smart.

What they lack is the focus and motivation to follow through on the wonderful ideas they have, so that they can finally see something through to fruition, be that creating their own business, getting started on a new project, or even plowing through that mounting pile of coursework.”This is the type of thought process that has gone into Nitrovit’s new formula, which we believe is completely right.

It’s a big bold move for Nitrovit to stray away from what most other pharmaceutical companies are going for with sensationalized claims such as increasing your IQ, making you smarter, or creating in you the next Albert Einstein. But then again, nootropics do not do any of those things, so massive respect for Project Noo You and the decision makers behind it for that.

“We thought the best couldn’t get any better, but with the addition of Noopept it would seem like it just did…”
Speaking of the new formula, what many others have come to call “Nitrovit 2.0” – the changes and new additions have been exciting. It’s not every day when you see a company that has seemingly crafted something already incredible takes bold moves to change it. After all, if it’s not broke, why fix it, right? But that’s just not the case with Project Noo You’s NITROvit.
It must take some courage to change a formula that is already loved by so many, but they did – and thankfully, they’ve succeeded. The formula now sees the addition of Noopept, and some tweaks with the type of Vitamin B12 included (cyanocobalamin is now swapped for methylcobalamin) and the addition of Taurine and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
We’ll not get into too much details here, but if you would like to know more, you can check out the ingredients page on Nitrovit’s website for a very informative read.

On short term effects, the biggest change we experienced had to do with energy and focus. It should be no surprise here, as the new formula was basically created around that concept, but it is really pleasing to see a formula that is able to match the effects of what some stimulants can provide, without having any stimulants like caffeine or guarana in its formula. Furthermore, without any stimulant side effects!

What’s even more surprising though, is that despite the fact that some of the ingredients in the formula have been moved around, Nitrovit still excels in other areas. After being off of it for a while, those of us re-testing it were immediately hit with how potent its effects actually were, especially in comparison to the other 6 finalists.

It’s really easy to just sit down at your desk, get your head into something, and keep going with for hours on end, completely focused and void of distractions.

One thing we also noticed was Nitrovit’s effects on memory. While it goes without saying that you aren’t going to remember the first hundred decimals of Pi or memorize all material you have in class, word for word in a single night, you will notice that learning new things becomes much more efficient, and as if your brain were a sponge, you remember even random bits of information here and there.

One last thing to note on Nitrovit’s effects is that unlike some of the other finalists, Nitrovit’s effects seemingly became more intense and potent over time. They recommend to take Nitrovit continually for at least 30 days before assessing the results, but we have to say that the difference in the results we got from day 1 and day 45 was massive.

One thing we’d also like to discuss is the website. We’ve noticed that projectnooyou.com is just becoming more and more populated with endless testimonials, and that Project Noo You getting more and more active online. It’s great to see a company that actually cares – that is not just preoccupied with creating products and profits, but are also active in the community.

We see members of their team on Reddit and on numerous dedicated nootropic forums and groups, so kudos to them for that!

Project Noo You definitely gets it right. Not only have they created a products that works, but they know the market’s needs, and this in our mind, sets the thin defining line between the good companies and the bad companies. We hear that they’ve got new products coming out soon, and with their current direction, we can’t wait to know more.

For more information on it, you can definitely check out our review here or its official website here.

– New and improved formula is better than ever!
– Improved energy release, increasing motivation, focus, and memory
– Effects build up over time
– No side effects

– International shipping for Nitrovit is not the cheapest
– Has been known to run out of stock

Shop: www.projectnooyou.com
Price: $59.97

Runner Up: Irwin Naturals’ Ginkgo Smart

A bottle of Irwin Natural's Ginkgo Smart supplement


Revisited Score: 93%
The Verdict:
Coming in at second place is an underdog – a brain enhancer that takes a different approach to brain pills.

The spot for second place was an extremely close one, but after 6 whole weeks of revisiting our favorite products, we’ve given our ‘Runner Up’ spot to Ginkgo Smart.

One of the best things we loved about Ginkgo Smart was that it came from a very reputable and long-standing company – Irwin Naturals.

That really isn’t something you can say for all our finalists. Irwin Naturals have been around for a very long time, and specialize in the creation of supplements with a slight twist – the ingredients are ‘all-natural’.

The company has a huge range of supplements under its belt, and if you can think of any single supplement, they probably have it, as long as there exists natural ingredients for it.We have to say though that we love Ginkgo Smart’s formula.

A huge chunk of it is actually dedicated to Ginkgo Biobla, and as many of you know, it’s one of the best-selling supplements in America today, offering tons of benefits to your brain, health, and physical state.

Aside from Ginkgo, there are a few minor ingredients, but most of the formula really has been dedicated to Ginkgo.

While the ingredients in Ginkgo Smart might not be exactly the most potent from our finalists, we believe it is the most well-rounded when it comes to effects, and again, we really love its formula.

“While the effects did not intensify with time, what we can say was that Ginkgo Smart was very consistent – at least for the whole 6 weeks we re-tested it…”
When we revisited it for testing, we were pleasantly surprised on how mild its effects were.
Ginkgo Smart gave us very smooth and steady thought processes, giving a very different experience from the other ADD Solutions.
For example, rather than increasing focus, it calmed us way down, so that we weren’t always fidgeting all the time, which actually allowed us to get things done in a steady pace. Rather than increasing energy, Ginkgo Smart made us more able to handles stress, which put us in really good moods, which of course meant, work wasn’t such a chore anymore and we enjoyed doing it!

The thing with Ginkgo Smart is that its approach as an ADD Solution is just so different that it was sort of like a breath of fresh air from all the energy and focus pills. Ginkgo Smart not only gave you what it took to get things done, but also made you want to get things done.

While the effects did not intensify with time, what we can say was that Ginkgo Smart was very consistent – at least for the whole 6 weeks we re-tested it.

Another thing to note which gave Ginkgo Smart the upper hand over some of the other finalists was that it demonstrated no side effects at all – something that can’t be said for the others. In fact, even CILTEP, which won the “Highly Recommended” award, has a few side effects.

While we really enjoyed revisiting Ginkgo Smart’s effects, we have to say that it did not work for everyone. Other online reviewers definitely called it out for not being as potent as other supplements, and it did have some negative feedback, especially on Amazon, with some users saying it did not help them at all, or was even counter effective to what they were trying to achieve.

On top of all of that, Ginkgo Smart is very affordable. For all its ingenious effects and its lack of side effects, it comes at an incredibly affordable price tag of only $25.99 for a bottle. This to us, is a big plus, being half the price of the other products, while being able to still deliver substantially.

All in all, Ginkgo Smart is a great choice for those looking for an all-natural and smooth solution. It’s very well rounded in its effects, but if you are looking for a very potent supplement, there’s a chance that you might not like it. Still, it’s a great choice especially for those on a budget. You can read the full review here.

– Very smooth effects, and an ingenious approach as an ADD Solution
– All-Natural Ingredients
– No Side Effects
– Very affordable at $25.99

– Not the most potent of our finalists
– Some might not like its smoother effects
Shop: www.irwinnaturals.com/products/targeted-products/ginkgo-smart-maximum-focus-memory/
Price: $25.99

Highly Recommended: Natural Stacks’ CILTEP

A bottle of brain supplement CILTEP.
Revisited Score: 92%
The Verdict: At third place, and just a point away from tying with Ginkgo Smart is Natural Stacks’ CILTEP.
CILTEP was our last finalist to make the cut, and is here for the first time ever on ADD Pill Reviews’ Editors’ Choice Awards.
CILTEP comes from the pharmaceutical company Natural Stacks, which just like Irwin Naturals, also has a number of different supplements in its product range. However, their first product and the one they’ve always pushed the most has been CILTEP.
CILTEP’s history was a very interesting one, as its origins actually came from the forums of Longecity.org. For those who don’t know, Longecity is a dedicated forum where people who take nootropics and brain supplements go to discuss their stacks. Think of it like the Bodybuilding.com forum of all things brain.
CILTEP was the brainchild of a number of different minds coming together and agreeing on one ‘master-stack’.Today, with the ever-growing market, CILTEP has fallen to the back seat though, as newer and more advance brain enhancing pills and nootropics are seemingly popping out of nowhere every day.
Although not as popular as it was once before, it is still respected in the nootropic forums and has garnered respect on the Bullet Proof Executive website, with Dave Asprey.
“In a very simple sentence, CILTEP allows you to learn more, and at times, achieve more, but you might not be able to completely rely on it to give you the focus, clarity, and creativity to create the best possible work that you can…”
If you’ve ever had a look at CILTEP’s formula, you’d know that it’s ingredients aren’t the most common that you would see in this kind of supplement. It contains only 5 ingredients- Vitamin B6, Artichoke Extract, Coleus Forskolin Extract, L-Phenylalanine, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.
It’s a bold choice for CILTEP here, as while most manufacturers opt for the ballpark of around twenty to thirty ingredients. While we often complain about this and believe that less is more, we beg the question, ‘is there such a thing as having too little ingredients?’

When we re-visited CILTEP, we all had to agree that it was indeed a potent ADD Solution, but its effects were not well-rounded enough. Testing it for a whole six weeks, some of its effects, namely on focus and concentration (which by far, is one of the most important to consider when it comes to ADD), were lacking.

That isn’t to say that CILTEP was disappointing though. CILTEP was very effective in increasing motivation and there was no question that you could keep on going at the task at hand for hours, but the output always seemed a little scattered.

We did notice that CILTEP’s effects on memory were pretty good though! A couple of us here were able to really advance in their musical talents and skills at a much more efficient rate.

This also meant that it is a great study tool as some of our college interns said that they were able to learn more in less time with CILTEP. Needless to say, it held up really well, and is a fantastic cognitive enhancing supplement… but as an ADD Solution, CILTEP had some work to do.

In a very simple sentence, CILTEP allows you to learn more, and at times, achieve more, but you might not be able to completely rely on it to give you the focus, clarity, and creativity to create the best possible work that you can.

One thing to note was that while we were unable to note any side effects for CILTEP when we reviewed it initially, those of us who re-visited it said that it can make you drowsy and sleepy when taking too many at once, which might be counter productive if you are trying to finish a project or are studying late at night.

Still though, that is a lot better than some of the other ADD Solutions we’ve tested that can actually pose a negative side effect on your health.

Other reviews we have received from our readers and the ones that we have seen online were generally very positive, however, we seem to be noticing that there are less and less newer reviews for CILTEP out there. These reviews covered CILTEP mostly as a cognitive enhancer though, and a number of them also mentioned the drowsiness.

Perhaps, as mentioned earlier, it is because of the vastly growing market and competition for market share. CILTEP could be falling behind.

CILTEP is offered at $42.95 for a 60-count bottle, but please take note that the daily recommended serving is 3 capsules, which means that the whole bottle will be empty in 20 days. If you put this into perspective, it will be around $64.43 per month. This makes CILTEP the most expensive one of the bunch.

In conclusion, Natural Stacks is a great, potent cognitive enhancing supplement that is only set back as an ADD Solution due to its lacking effects on focus and clarity. This isn’t to say that CILTEP is a bad choice – it’s just that there is better.

However, we can still highly recommend it for those who enjoy studying, and for those looking to learn things in the least amount of time (where quantity counts better than quality). CILTEP is a solid choice, and as its reward implies, it comes Highly Recommended. You can check out the full review here.

All in all, Ginkgo Smart is a great choice for those looking for an all-natural and smooth solution. It’s very well rounded in its effects, but if you are looking for a very potent supplement, there’s a chance that you might not like it. Still, it’s a great choice especially for those on a budget. You can read the full review here.

– Great at improving memory, making it a valuable study aid
– Very potent formula
– Has been around for a while and has generally positive reviews

– Can make you a little drowsy
– Most expensive one of our top three at ~$64.43 a month
Shop: http://naturalstacks.com/products/ciltep
Price: $42.95 (~$64.43 for a month’s supply)


Final Remarks…

That’s a wrap for this years ADD Pill Reviews’ Editors’ Choice Awards! We’d like to say congratulations again to the winners, Natural Stacks’ CILTEP, Irwin Naturals’ Ginkgo Smart, but especially to Project Noo You’s Nitrovit, now two-time recipient of our Editors’ Choice Award!

It’s been a wonderful evening here, and again, congratulations to the winners and the amazing teams behind them. We’d also like to thank those who came tonight, as well as our sponsors, and the whole team here at ADD Pill Reviews.

Those interested in reading more reviews on the best ADD Solutions simply need click here.


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