Full Ingredients List:

Vitamin B6 5mg
Vitamin B12 6mcg
Vitamin B5 2mg
Doxiderol Proprietary Blend 251.7mg

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $78.64 (90 Capsules)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 3
Number of Servings: 30
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Doxiderol Review: A Carbon Copy of Focus Boost’s Mistake

This is one of the other products that we’ve had the opportunity to review. Please also check out our review on Focus Boost.

We’ve recently been able to get the opportunity to review Doxiderol. So, before we even ordered a supply of their product, we’ve been researching on Doxiderol for a while, along with other nootropics. However, interestingly, we’ve only lately come to a realization: Doxiderol and Focus Boost are of one and the same.

We first realized this when observing their websites, and we found that there were certain similarities in the layouts of their websites. Furthermore, we started checking further, and even the information seemed similar, and in fact their refund polices are identical. Other similarities that we’ve noticed were also the pictures.

In fact, when we compared the ingredients between Doxiderol and Focus Boost, it seemed as if they are exact carbon copies of each other. The only thing we weren’t exactly sure of was, who copied off the other – if Doxiderol copied Focus Boost, or if Focus Boost copied Doxiderol.

However, what we thought of was the possibility that Focus Boost and Doxiderol were of the same company, but what probably happened was that one of them was released, tweaked with a little bit, and rereleased with a completely different branding. If you’re able to pick up on this, Focus Boost seems more branded towards gym going people, while Doxiderol more towards intellectual people.

When we received our supply of Doxiderol, we found that the ingredients of Doxiderol were similar to that found in Focus Boost.

On top of that, all of the nootropic ingredients that were included in their formula were under a mix called a “proprietary blend.” It’s something that’s been increasing in popularity lately, and there are usually one of two reasons why manufacturers decide to have this. The first reason would be that they don’t want others copying their formulas. The second reason, though, one that we believe applies to Doxiderol is that they do not want their users to know the low quality of the ingredients they’re using.

Additionally, our experts at speculate that they have hidden their ingredients in a “proprietary blend” to prevent anyone from spotting the similarities between Doxiderol and Focus Boost.

Add the fact that they’ve been very sloppy with their marketing, and you’ll understand why our experts think that they have not been putting much care into their own pills as well.

Doxiderol comes at a price of $35 for a bottle of 30 capsules. However, keep in mind that the daily dosage is 3 capsules a day. Therefore, you’ll have to get 3 bottles of 30 capsules. Alternatively, they also offer a larger 90-pill bottle costing $79. Despite the discount, it’s still quite expensive compared to the other nootropic solutions out there. In comparison, Smart Pill is only $33 and NITROvit is only $57.

The Results:

This is also a product that we didn’t want to try. However, we needed to have personal experience with Doxiderol to be able to review it. It turned out that the results that we got from Doxiderol were the same as the results that we got from Smart Pill.

It wasn’t that Doxiderol was in any way bad. In fact, we received no side effects from it. However, the benefits we received from Doxiderol just seemed not to be as effective as those we received from several other nootropics.

Additionally, we found that Doxiderol did not seem to give any long-term benefits.


Honestly, we didn’t think that Doxiderol is a very good choice for a nootropic. Run by what we believe as a bunch of marketers, we find it very bad that they just simply carbon-copied their same product and rebranded it as something different. It just doesn’t stop there. The low quality in the ingredients that they have chosen, as well as the less effective effects from this proves that it isn’t something that you should be taking. Add the fact that it has a pretty hefty price tag, you should definitely think twice before buying Doxiderol. Why not choose a better option from a product that we’ve rated higher? There are many good nootropics out there that have been created with extreme care and attention to detail and quality. Sadly, Doxiderol isn’t one of them.

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