Develop a Nap-titude for Work!

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Develop a Nap-titude for Work!


Have you ever been yelled at for falling asleep at your desk at work? Yes, many of us have felt those hours in the afternoon, usually right after lunch.

The eyes begin to droop, and the mind begins to wander.

Then the intense sleepiness cues in. It’s really not your fault, it happens.

Studies continue to show that power naps can indeed be very beneficial for increased work productivity.


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Scientists have claimed that a short nap, less than 30 minutes, can allow the brain the rest it needs to commit to memory all the new things that you’ve learned.

In addition, it increases a person’s alertness, focus, and even their mood.

Research conducted by the University of California studied on how healthy adults performed differently when allowed to take powernaps during the early part of the afternoon.

The study entailed having two groups of students take difficult assignments in the morning, and one group allowed to take powernaps.

The brains of the candidates were examined to demonstrate the differences in retention rate and focus.

The group that was allowed powernaps had better learning ability and concentration. This was due to powernaps allowing the storing of information into the pre-frontal cortex during the 30 minutes of downtime.

In fact, drowsiness in the workplace actually costs many business corporations a huge loss in productivity, which transfers into an even larger loss of big bucks.

According to a survey from 2011, many large corporations like Google, and Nike actually allow their employees a nap.

However, the question is, when is it acceptable to take a nap, and when is it not?

The best time to sleep would also be between 1 and 3 pm, when our bodies are naturally sleepy.

It isn’t advisable to nap too late in the afternoon, as you might ruin your circadian rhythm. It also obviously isn’t advisable to take a nap immediately when you get to work, either!

Also take caution of how long you doze off, since anything over 30 minutes can have a tendency to cause sleep inertia, which makes you groggy after waking up.

Take this information to the office the next time you go to work, and armed with it, maybe take a nap in the afternoon, knowing that you’re saving the company some money by trying to increase your productivity and alertness through napping. It might also be advisable to inform your boss about this before you attempt it. You might now want to wake up with a termination notice in front of you.

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