7 Mental Exercises to Give Your Brain a Workout

It is a fact that up to 75% of people experience real mental decline and memory loss as they age. As the body deteriorates, the mind does too. It is hard to totally counteract the signs and symptoms of aging as it changes our physical bodies, but your brain does not have to also break down at the same rate. Be the other 25% of people whose minds seem to stay as sharp as they ever have by… continue to article

ADD/ADHD Drugs in the Spotlight AgainADD / ADHD Drugs in the Spotlight Again

Over the past decade, use of ADD/ADHD drugs has increased, especially among those who have not been diagnosed with the condition. Most popular with university students and young professionals, these prescription pills are usually used when an extended study session is being undertaken. The most popular… continue to article

brain pills nzt memory improvement phosphatidylcholine prevagen improve memory choline lucy piracetam brain supplements modafinil limitless drug limitless pill smart drug dextroamphetamineAged Fathers and their Children’s IQs

It seems that according to one of the most interesting studies lately, the age that one becomes a father directly influences how big their child’s IQ become. Most people think that the younger you are when you decide to pass your genes onto a son or daughter, the more pronounced those genes will be… continue to article

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