Adderex SR Review


Full Ingredients List:

Beta-Methylphenylethylamine Tartrate
Proprietary Blend 310mg
N-Benzyl-alpha-Phenylethylamine Sulphate
L-Lysine/ N-Methyl-beta-Methylphenyleth HCL
Alpha-Phenylethylamine HCL
N-Methyl-beta-Phenylethylamine HCL
R-beta-Methylphenylethylamine HCL

Vital Statistics:

Retail Price: $29.99 (60 Capsules)
Capsules/Tablets per day: 2
Number of Servings: 30
Buy Online:


Adderex SR Review: Garbage. Absolute Garbage.

There have been many pills that have tried to catch a ride on the Adderall bandwagon. Many drugs come to mind – Excelerol, Profiderall, and basically any sort of pharmaceutical with the name taken slightly from Adderall.

Who wouldn’t? In fact, Adderall has actually lost around 20% of its market hold to other pharmaceutical nootropics that have recently come under the spotlight.


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The funny thing is that these products actually have nothing to do with Adderall, and couldn’t be as far away in terms of their chemical makeup. Adderall, Adderall XR, and Vyvanse are all metamphetamines, while the aforementioned are nootropics.

In the case of Adderex SR, though, a nootropic made by pharmaceutical company, Hi-Tech, we needed to look at the ingredients that were included in their Supplement Facts sheet before we could start claiming anything.

Here at, we tend to do some research before actually ordering a product, and we couldn’t seem to find any information about Adderex SR’s ingredients on the internet – something that is always daunting to us – so, we had to wait for it to come in the mail.

You’ll often hear us here on talking about the extra ingredients where they are unnecessary in a pill.

The gist of it is: in such a small pill, more ingredients means less potency for each individual ingredient.

With this in mind, Adderex SR presents to us a multitude of different ingredients – something we don’t particularly like.

In addition, there is also a “Proprietary Blend.” There are two reasons we believe a company hides its nootropic ingredients under a “proprietary blend” It’s either they don’t want their formula stolen, or because they’re trying to hide the fact that they have low quality ingredients.

We’re not hinting at one or the other, but we just find that it most cases, it’s the second reason.

In addition to that, it seemed as if the filler ingredients that they were using were lacking in quality.

We found that they’ve been using cheap alternatives to what most other nootropics use. From this, you might be able to gauge as well what grade of ingredients are used in their proprietary blend.

Also, the fact that they are also using filler ingredients should in itself say something.

A bottle of Adderex SR comes at around $30 for 60 tablets, and at a recommended dosage of 2 tablets a day, the $30 price tag is in the lower range of prices for nootropics.

We also find the 2-tablet-a-day setup pretty nice, as this might be more convenient for the busy employee, the person who has trouble remembering, or the ADHD sufferer.

This is something that most other brain enhancing supplement manufacturers should keep in mind.


The Results:

As we began testing it, we’ve found that it wasn’t really doing much for us. The majority of us here at just did not feel that much of an effect compared to what we initially expected.

Some of us attested that it wasn’t even working. We felt no increases in productivity or work efficiency.

It seemed to have stimulant effects, though.

We found that taken in the morning, we felt a jolt of good energy that helped get us into the office, ready to work.

However, aside from that, it did not do much to help focus, clarity, or learning.

We weren’t quite sure why Adderex wasn’t working for us.

On that note, the emails we received from our readers were also parallel to our conclusions.

It seemed that from the vast amount of emails, only a handful claimed that Adderex was actually doing something for them, and on top of that, those people only claimed that it was decent.

However, the vast majority still reported little or no effects as a result of taking Adderex SR.


We’ve literally found the most useless nootropic. This should serve as a testament that all nootropics are not created equal – some are better than others. Adderex SR, though, did not impress in any factor.

We can only give it props for the very low price for which it is available. However, when you think about the price vs.

effectiveness, it seems that even that goes down the gutter. Simply from the fact that their brain enhancing ingredients are hidden in a proprietary blend should in itself say something. Adderex SR was so ineffective that there was nothing that we could compare it to, in which it would be better.

If you’re looking for what Adderex SR claims it can do, you won’t find it here. However, don’t take Adderex as a representation of all nootropics, please look into our higher rated ones.

We simply cannot recommend Adderex SR to anyone. In fact, we recommend everyone who has Adderex SR to throw it in the trash.


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