Products Reviewed


With 2013 well and truly behind us it is time to review the numerous ADD solutions and Adderall alternatives that hit the market last year. Surprisingly, not many of the new ADD solutions and products available for sale on the internet followed the tradition of using ‘clinical branding’ as they have done in the past. Just take a look at our three winners and you can see the Pharmaceutical companies are opting for ‘edgier’ branding this year – most likely to pull in a wider audience as the media spent a lot of column space in 2013 educating their readers about the benefits of taking a ‘brain pill’ – whether a sufferer of Attention Deficit Disorder or not.

Yet there is some exciting news; despite looking more like ‘body building supplements’ than ADD solutions, this brave move into the mainstream market suggests that the Pharmaceutical companies are paying attention themselves to the ADD issue and that can only mean more investment and even better solutions in 2014. Exciting news when you consider last year we were already presented with some seriously good cognitive enhancers aimed towards improving memory loss, slowing the aging process, aiding concentration, improving focus, increasing brain speed and cognitive acuity amongst other objectives.

So who hit the mark and who missed? Were we presented with the very highest quality ingredients available – as many of the prices would suggest, or were we baffled with science and sold mediocre products full of filler? Your reviews helped create the short list nominations and with those in hand the staff at ADD Pill Reviews set about to find the very best Adderall alternative the market currently has to offer, along with identifying which of last years manufacturers are probably best left forgotten.