7 Mental Exercises to Give Your Brain a Workout

Give Your Brain a Workout with These 7 Mental Exercises

It is a fact that up to 75% of people experience real mental decline and memory loss as they age. As the body deteriorates, the mind does too. It is hard to totally counteract the signs and symptoms of aging as it changes our physical bodies, but your brain does not have to also break down at the same rate. Be the other 25% of people whose minds seem to stay as sharp as they ever have by practicing these 7 mental exercises.

  1. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. One of the worst things that you can do for your brain is to place it into a mental rut. When your brain does the exact same thing day after day, month after month, it starts to decline. This decline is hard to reverse, so it is best to prevent it from happening all together. Many people choose to challenge their daily routines by going back to school, learning a new language, or becoming a community leader.
  2. Level Up on Word Challenges. Crossword puzzles and other word-based mental games have become a go-to mental exercise for good reason. These milt-level challenges force us to really apply the full depth of our mental abilities, but it only works if we are challenged slightly above our current level.
  3. Keep Blood Flow High. Without enough blood flow to the entirety of the brain, your brain will start to show signs of dementia and other mental decline. There are certain all-natural supplements that contain certain ingredients that promote a healthy amount of blood flow throughout the brain. Make one of these part of your daily diet.
  4. Daily Aspirin Intake. For those who are 50 and older, a daily aspirin can do great things for the brain. It increases blood flow to the brain, and helps strengthen the artery walls, so that the mechanics of the brain are fit and fully-functioning.
  5. Get the Right Nutrients. Making sure you are eating the right kind of brain-beneficial foods is one of the most important things you can do for your brain. Eating a diet full of omega 3 fatty acids will do much to promote overall cognitive health. If you are not getting the nutrients you need, then look into getting a cognitive supplement.
  6. Deal with Continued Stress. The brain gets overworked when it has to continually think about something day after day. If you have a broken car mirror that needs fixing, get it fixed. If you have been procrastinating on some other project, make time to do it. If you do not, this continued stress on the brain will be quite detrimental to your cognitive health.
  7. Exercise Regularly. As we have written about previously, physical exercise is just as important to the brain as it is to the body. 20 minutes per day of moderate exercise is all you need to remain cognitively healthy.

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